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16 February 2019

While I was working on some music related sites, I was looking for a cheaper (and I suppose quicker) alternative to the usual array of streaming services - like Windows Media, Real Media and Quicktime. Most hosting companies charge quite a whack for these streaming services, so I thought about the possiblity of doing a psuedo music player in Macromedia Flash. A big advantage of using the Flash plugin is that it has a wide platform base - and nearly all web-enabled computers out there have or can easily get hold of the plugin. The major downside to using the other common media streaming services is that there a few to choose from - so people always seem to be faced with the problem of which one to use..?

So, a bit of Google-ing and fair amount of trail-and-error later I managed to put together quite a sophisticated Flash MP3 Player.   :)

The Heavy Function track was done by myself and two good friends when we were about 10 years old. We had a day out at my cousins studio where we put together the first (and only) Heavy Function dub plate! ;)

The other two tracks are just recordings of some 'mixes' that I did when I spent another afternoon at my cousins studio - I was probably about 10 or 11. My cousin recorded some samples and I sequenced them.