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16 February 2019
File System Print - Screenshot File System Print [ more info ]

This simple little program is useful for grabbing the names of folders and/or files and outputting them as text, which can then be copy & pasted into any word processing program. The folders and files can both be formatted with various options independently, like sorting, capitalizing and showing or hiding their full path.

Flash MP3 Player - Screenshot Flash MP3 Player [ more info ]

While I was working on some music related sites, I was looking for a cheaper (and I suppose quicker) alternative to the usual array of streaming services. So, a bit of Google-ing and fair amount of trail-and-error later I managed to put together quite a sophisticated Flash MP3 Player.

Flash Record Player - Screenshot Flash Record Player [ more info ]

Having created the Flash MP3 Player. I adapted the code to fit around an animated Technics 1210 Record Deck.