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22 July 2019
Advanced Gaming - Screenshot Advanced Gaming Limited http://www.adgaming.co.uk

Advanced Gaming Limited are an established amusement and gaming machine supplier to various leisure outlets throughout London and the south east. It was another one of those smaller websites that I created under the Ekina banner. A pretty standard website, which has a few little CSS tricks and some neat JavaScript alpha-ing effects on the images.

Apex & City - Screenshot Apex & City Chauffeurs http://www.apexandcitychauffeurs.co.uk

Apex & City Chauffeurs are specialists in chauffeur driven travel, they provide chauffeured cars throughout London & South-East England. This is just one of many other smaller websites that I have created while working with Ekina. The owner of Apex & City is a good friend of mine, so I thought it would be nice to add it to the ol' portfolio.

Insight Yoga - Screenshot Insight Yoga http://web.joeka.co.uk/insightyoga

Insight Yoga is a site created to help advertise and promote a trained reflexologist, hypnotherapist, cranial masseuse, and yoga teacher. The site is fully qualified xHTML and has three separate stylesheets allowing it to have three selectable layouts.

Hot n Spicy - Screenshot Hot 'n' Spicy http://www.hotnspicymusic.com/

The Hot 'n' Spicy template was supplied to me by the Band. All the hard work in getting the sites mechanics, look and feel of the site had already been done, so I can't really take any of the glory for the site... However, I put a far amount of work into the re-organising and editing of the original site to make sure the content fitted in seemlessly. Its also been a current project, so I thought I put it in the ol' portfolio anyway! :)

Bass Records - Screenshot Bass Records http://web.joeka.co.uk/br/

Bass Records is a site I'm putting together for some good mates of mine. They need a site where they can share and promote their tunes and events. The site has been coded in fully qualified xHTML mixed with plenty of fun little Macromedia Flash interactions.

Greentime Gardens - Screenshot Greentime Gardens http://www.greentime-gardens.co.uk

Greentime Gardens is a small, young garden renovation company. Who required a site to help promote the expanding business. The site contains general background information about the company, as well as the services they offer - as their portfolio expands these will also be added to the site. I designed and created the entire site including the main template. The main Greentime Garden logo was supplied to me.

Robert Wolf - Screenshot Robert Wolf [v2] http://www.robertwolf.co.uk

Robert Wolf Records is a promotional site for musician, singer, songwriter and producer Robert Wolf - who also happens to be my cousin! :o) The site was designed and created by myself. It uses standard ASP with a database backend - allowing Robert to administer key parts of the site himself. The site contains the latest news on Robert's Album(s), as well as offering sample tracks and lyrics.

Robert Wolf - Screenshot Robert Wolf [v1] http://www.robertwolf.co.uk/old

This was the first website for Robert Wolf Records. At the time it focused on his current album - One More City Story - which is the main (well, the only) theme of the site. The site was created in Macromedia Flash and was my first fully fledged Flash site. As fun as it was to do, it soon became a bit of handful to update all the time, which is why the newer HTML version was much needed! (above)

Incision - Screenshot Incision [site no longer live - but viewable]

Incision is a Drum & Bass, Breaks and Eclectic Beats club night - organised by Urbanology Promotions. They required a site to promote current events and their latest news. The site was designed and created by myself, using ASP with a database backend. The site could also be administered by any member of the Urbanology Team. Incision has currently been put on hold, while the Urbanology Team concentrate on other projects, but I have re-activated the site for old times sake!