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16 February 2019

Below is a selection of sites developed whilst I was working with ePerfex. The company was formed by myself and four others during the work-based project module of the Foundation Degree in E-Commerce Technologies course at Nescot College. Its first contract was with the F. A. Premier League - who at the time worked closely with the College. The site proved so successful that we were contracted in to continue with the development and maintenance of Premier League Learning and its subsequent sites.

I worked with ePerfex from 2001 to 2004 - as I no longer maintain any of the sites listed below, I cannot guarentee that all the site URLs will be accessible.

Premier League Learning - Screenshot Premier League Learning http://www.premierleaguelearning.com

Premier League Learning was the first of many educational websites designed to support the BTEC Sport qualification. Its purpose is to aid in the delivery and preparation of course materials to all registered clubs and colleges around the country. An authorised user can view, print and/or download course content and worksheets. I worked closely with a team of 5 designing, developing, maintaining and demostrating the site for many years. The site was written in ASP with a MS SQL backend.

First in Sport! - Screenshot First in Sport! http://www.firstinsport.com

First in Sport! has the same concept as Premier League Learning, but was designed to support the BTEC First Diploma in Sport - a level below the BTEC Nationals. During this time many other sites stemmed off this site including: the Clubs Information Service and the Advanced Apprenticeships in Sporting Excellence. Both sites can only be accessed via an authorised login.

Aim Higher South-East Database - Screenshot Aim Higher South-East Database http://www.ahsedata.co.uk

The Aim Higher South-East database is a central store for data collection, consistency and report synchronisation across the 6 Aim Higher south-east regions. The site allows each region to administer there own users - who in turn can enter data, generate reports and download important documents. The sites heart is the back-end database - this is where most of the work was done. It was designed to have a nice, clean and simple interface with quick, straight-forward data entry mechanisms.

SEED - Web Interface - Screenshot
Sartorius Ltd - SEED
Weighing Calibration Application
[internal application]

Sartorius Ltd is part of the worldwide Sartorius Group, which is regarded as a leader in the fields of weighing and filtration, also known as Mechatronics and Biotechnology. The group has sales and service organizations on every continent and local representatives in more than 110 countries.

SEED - Application Interface - Screenshot

Sartorius supplies a broad range of products for laboratories and industrial environments, with major customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in many research and educational fields of the public sector.

Sartorius Ltd was looking for a new software package to dramatically reduce the time taken to perform and process UKAS calibrations. While I was working with ePerfex I helped develop the software to automate the process of data collection for their team of field engineers.